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Friday, 23 November 2007

So I'm slow with the posts...HOLIDAY

John Lennon: Remember
Remember when you were young?
How the hero was never hung
Always got away
Remember how the man
Used to leave you empty handed?
Always, always let you down
If you ever change your mind
About leaving it all behind
Remember, remember, today
And dont feel sorry
The way its gone
And dont you worry
bout what youve done

Just remember when you were small
How people seemed so tall
Always had their way
Do you remember your ma and pa
Just wishing for movie stardom
Always, always playing a part
If you ever feel so sad
And the whole world is driving you mad
Remember, remember, today

And dont feel sorry
bout the way its gone
And dont you worry
bout what youve done

No, no, remember, remember
The fifth of november

But that's mainly because uploading pictures is annoying. I've started a posting of Christmas photos and was going to note how it wasn't feeling like Christmas, but instead of complaining, I'll attribute that to the fact that there are no holidays here, so Christmas lights just come on earlier. I'll post them later when the season is in full blast.

But back to the point, there are no holidays here. I realized that when I looked at my school calendar to see when I would have days off to roam through London, visit the English countryside, hop a RyanAir trip to Spain. There were none, save a few bank holidays that do not fall into the school calendar year.

So do the Brits celebrate? Yes , these lushes celebrate even if its just their daily celebrations of life: the packed pubs and people yelling outside of my student housing hole prove the love that these people have. Even yesterday, I discovered that quite a few Brits have even adopted Thanksgiving along with their adopted American friends, and have fallen into celebrating the holiday with them while they are abroad. There are also several restaurants catering to this and Whole Foods London had quite the spread.

However, I'm going to backtrack to Guy Fawkes day, a "holiday" of sorts celebrated a few weeks ago. This has been forever immortalized in song as we have all been implored to "Remember, Remember the fifth of November."

Since the Brits don't really have an independence day to celebrate, Guy Fawkes is the celebration of not being overthrown. Back on November 5th in the 1600s an attempt to overthrow the ruling monarchy was made and Guy Fawkes was caught in the cellars of Parliament with gunpowder kegs on what was to be the first day of Parliament. They caught him (because of the famous Lord Monteagle letter), tortured him, and unlike a rapper or Frank Lucas, this Guy snitched and sang like a bird. Since then a celebration has been held every year with fireworks celebrating the fact that the King was safe. Today there are several celebrations in parks throughout the country. I headed out to Victoria Park for what turned out to be a fair with fireworks, rides, and fair food (but no funnel cake). It was a good time. Pics are below...

and for those interested in etymology, the common word "guy" apparently is derived from Guy Fawkes,

Bethnal Green Tube: Where we got off to go to Victoria Park

Fire Sculptures: These were so hot, unfortunately my pics don't capture the awesomeness..

that's Guy Fawkes

and here's Big Ben/Parliament

There are more pics, but its more of the same fireworks and such and then pictures with people in it and I'm not about to face a law suit since I haven't cleared it with them. For those check on facebook in a few months... Overall it was fun times with great people

Also, V for Vendatta is based on the historical event. Although I've never seen it myself, here's a clip. The poem recited in the beginning is part of the rhyme that's often recited by school children.

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